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I am a practitioner of creativity through dreams for many years. I have personally found that dreams of various themes and ideas can occur to anyone while awake, sleeping at night, taking a nap or slumbering. While dreams do speak to all us, their meaning is very unique to each dreamer.


Through the ages, much of the dreaming phenomenon has been researched and written about.  Detailed information on all of this can be sourced on the Internet.


IF you can imagine yourself as a dreamer taking charge of your dreams on a regular basis while in any of the four proceeding mentioned modes.


IF you can imagine yourself shaping and guiding your dreams onto pathways towards the building of their reality.

IF you can imagine yourself harnessing the power of dreaming anywhere you are and at any time.


IF you can imagine communicating with yourself on a higher order, getting a wiser perspective on all your issues and returning with guidance that will get you where you need to go.


IF you can imagine any of this, you are ready to personalize, and use a creative dream process as your very own while also helping family and friends who wish to harness the power of their dreams.


Over 30% of our lifetime is spent in the bedroom, thus "Pillow Talkers" becomes the initial starting point for the gallery of dream art images.


The Pillow Talk Gallery emulates dream process themes and techniques through the use of Dream Art characters. Hopefully, the Dream Art Work will be used to decorate your wall at home and at your place of work.


When this Dream Art is used for display outside of the Bedroom, Pillow Talker characters transform into “Dreamers of Dreams” since “Pillow Talk” many not be allowed in places of work. At the very least, each piece should invoke stimulating conversation.    

Pillow Talker.jpg

What follows is an overview and flow of my Creative Dream Process.


Structuring The Art of Dreams begins with Pillow Talkers discussing four basic questions:


1. Where do we need to go? - Dreamscape

2. Where are we now? - Snoring

3. How do we get there? - Dream Patterns

4. Do we have time and resources to immerse ourselves in the desire, problem or issue? - Watchful Eye


Exploration and Dialogue about the Dream Characters


One of the best ways to find out what they do is to simply “Ask Them”


1. Dreamscape– I do progressive dreaming about desires, problems or situations for Pillow Talkers and frame a vision of a Future State. I am the place where everything comes together: The sharing of insights and alternatives, brainstorming of options and begin implementation of actions towards achieving dream reality. Most of what I work on comes from Dream Pattern and Snoring. I see myself as the Dreamer of Dreams and the Builder of Their Reality for Pillow Talkers.


Yes! You can say that I am a House of Dreams and of course,  Bedrooms are my most favorite place to be. I also enjoy being on display in places of work with the rest of my group. We do function as a team.

2. Snoring– My job is doing the assessments of Pillow Talkers Current State (where we are} and the Dreamscape (where we want to go). I determine differences between the two and suggest an initial plan of action for Dreamscape reality. I monitor, evaluate progress and make adjustments on action plans.


Yes! There is great difficulty for me to be holding on, letting go and moving on all at the same time.

Dream Pattern.jpg

3. Dream Pattern – My work is to sort, analyze and interpret information received from Dream Catcher.  My primary mission is to develop various solutions, options and alternatives for Dreamscape. I often use the work of Sleepers and Slumbers.


Yes! I am the playground for the imagination. Making sense of all incoming information that I get from Catcher can be a challenge.

4. Dream Catcher –I sort, find, combine, compile and lock on to specific thoughts, actions or ideas collected by Dream Chaser that closely match criteria established by Dreamscape. This external fieldwork is provided to Dreams Patterns for creative study and analysis.


Yes! Chasers have a sense of urgency, they do come in hot and fast. They also have fun testing my ability to catch them. I never found one difficult to handle. They know their purpose.

Dream Catcher.jpg
Dream Chaser.jpg

5. Dream Chaser I travel at ease between our physical world, spiritual worlds or anywhere in the universe. My fieldwork mission is to search, seek, find and gather specific sources of ideas, thoughts, and information for Dream Catcher.


Yes! I am always in contact with my Dream Catcher. I have dialogues with Watchful Eye for guidance and Portal to checkout new frontiers. I make use of Energizers for my Pit Stops when I find them.  You can call me a Free Spirit, especially when I get inquires from Sleeper.

6. Sleeper – I am really an Incubator. The old adage concerning a problem or situation that needs to be solved by  "Sleep On It " is true. Before turning in, jot down in your Dream Journal what you desire to achieve and always be ready to record something when you wake up.  You may find that you have your solution.


Yes! I function as a library of dreams and do archive knowledge and information. I do have a channel for chats with Chaser to check its data banks for specific nuggets of information that I need for a Dreamer.


7. Slumber – I take direct charge of dream work on specific things when called on to do so. I am a form called lucid dreaming.  This is where one has conscious awareness that one is dreaming while in the dream state.


I am home of the inter-action that goes on between the conscious and sub-conscious that lets the imagination goes wild.  Your intuitive voice (self talk) pops up with ideas or solutions. Your instinct takes over to accept or reject what is being suggested


Yes! I am a useful means of solving problems or formulating creative ideas in one’s personal life, relationships and work that does not require a lot of details.

8. Watchful Eyes - My primary responsibility is to be the guardian for the Art of Dreaming Process. I monitor, guide, warn or lead when necessary as we journey the creative dream processes. I am also symbolic of people or resources that arrive from nowhere,  articulating your difficult issues -- be prepared for the unexpected, they have words of wisdom that may connect with the solution of problems that you may have given up on.

Yes! Gut feelings, 6th sense, inner voice are very common and I do have a Big Eye.  I also have a big roll in keeping all the Dream Characters from doing stupid things.

Watchful Eye.jpg
Toss & Turn.jpg

9. Toss & Turns – My job is to function as a trusted secondary resource to all Dream Characters. I can be called in at any time (24/7) to support their work. My primary roll is to work directly with Dreamscape and explore a Pillow Talkers Dream in different and creative ways. This is often expressed as the 360 by giving all ideas and thoughts an additional look over before implementation.


Yes! Half of my time is spent talking to my self.  However, I do enjoy playing Golf with Dreamscape as we continue to finish our work in full view of our Energizers.


Yes! I am senior to all Characters and have served in all their functions. I have been around the block a time or two and witnessed a thing or two.

10. Energizers - My work is to recharge energies that stimulate human creativity and dreams, as well as physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Dreamers have felt the mystery of my many forms such as Water Falls, Wind, Color, Sound, Vortex, Clouds, Rising and Setting Sun.


11. Beliefs - I am a place where one can explore dreams for their deeper meaning. Imagine that you can communicate with yourself on a higher order and get a wiser perspective on all your issues and return with a road map that will get you beyond where you want to go.

12. Portals – I am keeper of gateways for exploring ones spontaneous imagination and desire for learning many different practices, techniques and tools.


Some Thoughts About Dreaming


There are many books available about Dreaming. By exploring the World of Dreams you can gain for yourself many insights, ideas and techniques.


Any Dream Process can be tailored for you from the simple to the complex. You have many options to create your own.


There is really no beginning or ending in Dreaming. It is a continuous journey coming from somewhere and going somewhere. Dreams are really like watching the constant motion of a flowing river. The choice is always yours in when and how deep do you want to put your toe in.


Dreams can be illogical, so you have to interpret what you are seeing. Spend some time watching clouds float by and sketch or jot down imaginative things you are observing.


Dreams are non-linear. You will find that you will be moving in many directions through the various stages of your dream work.


All Dreams have multiple meanings and levels of significance. A Dream Journal can be used for documenting this knowledge and practicing Dream Recall. Dreamers are the only ones’ that can say what meaning their dreams may hold.


All Dreams reflect your inborn creativity and ability to face and solve life‘s problems.


Dreaming is a very messy process and there is nothing neat about it. You always have to be prepared to spend a great deal of time and resources on the achievement of difficult solutions.  (For the quick and easy, try Slumbers and Sleepers)


Dreams are perfectly structured for the results they achieve. If you are not satisfied with the results, change your Dreamscape and or Dream Pattern.

Dreaming and Creativity are never-ending processes of Humanity. There are many ways to journey – (mental, physical and spiritual) Future art work will expand on:


9.Toss & Turns   10. Energizers 11. Beliefs   12. Portals


For now Good Dreaming!

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